11 Online Product Ideas for 2020

Business ideas/products you can sell in these times

About The Book

In response to the Covid_19, stakeholders are taking measures to save lives. These measure are changing the economy, consumer buying habits and our daily routine.

 A lot of people are looking to start different businesses with short term gains. So if this is you then this ebook is not for you but if you’re looking to start a business that has long term growth potential, a business that helps people adapt and solves a potential economical crisis then sit tight and read on as i take you through a series of product ideas.

Entrepreneurs that are adding value to people’s lives are going to be critical going from 2020 and beyond.

About the author.

My name is Olisa Ifeagwu and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2017. Over the years, I’ve built several successful brands in eCommerce and have extensive knowledge of the complete business cycle and a wealth of real world experience. But the best part is I’ve been able to live the Internet lifestyle, making great money working from home and having the flexibility to do what I want when I want. And that’s what I’m going to teach you !

Olisa Ifeagwu