Harness the ‘social’

in social media marketing.

It’s not what you say on social media, it’s how (and how often) you say it.

Social media communities and social signals play a vital role in brand awareness, consumer behaviour and digital presence. Alongside paid search, social media sites offer some of the most targeted, robust advertising platforms online. Your social media pages can be beacons for new business and a customer service tool to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

How To Approach Social Media

In today’s cluttered digital marketing landscape, businesses need a solid social media strategy to cut through the din. Time and time again, we’ve seen companies assign social media management to staffers as a collateral duty: ‘Just post some things on Facebook and Instagram’, they seem to say. ‘That’s all there is to it’.


Pardon our bluntness, but this is a mistake.


Businesses today need a social media strategy and social media advertising management that targets the right platforms for the right customers. It needs to say the right things, with the right content, at the right time, with the right frequency and audience targeting to gain the participation and investment of your target market.

Social Media: It’s way more technical than posting pictures of breakfast, abs, and cats.

Why Choose Us?

Our copywriters, social media consultants can manage your social platforms, help you find the right tone of voice for channel and run advertising campaigns which best engage with your potential target audiences. ​Our social media advertising experts can build dynamic paid media adverts that are attractive and continually optimised to ensure best performance for your ads on social media.

Services Include: 

Social Media Engagement

  • Social media channel branding
  • Social media listening and engagement
  • Brand features to relevant groups
  • Community Management


  • Sentiment reporting and analytics
  • Conversion tracking
  • Content and Asset creation
  • Influencer engagement
  • Channel performance and ROI reporting and calls

Social Media Advertising

  • Paid Social Media advertising and PPC
  • Lead generation via paid social
  • Campaign, ad, and bid management and optimisation
  • CPA and overall budget monitoring and optimisation
  • Calls to action to highly relevant target markets
  • Remarketing for competitor and ‘lookalike’ audiences
  • A/B testing of creative assets, ads, ad groups and target audiences
  • Channel performance and ROI reporting and calls
  • Social Media accelerated community growth
  • Audience targeting based on wide variety of demographics
  • Conversion tracking